Assessment and Print Management

Automated supplies

Automated supplies ordering based on real and projected use; customized by device or customer.

Eliminate waste and unnecessary expense.. obtaining supplies when and where they are needed.

  • Reduce toner inventory
  • Know what other maintenance items you need and when you’ll need them
  • Get just-in-time delivery of all your supplies
  • Avoid replacing toner cartridges before they are empty
  • Stop those ‘surprise!’ time-wasters – running out of toner at the worst moments.

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As if ink and toner weren’t enough to manage, many printers need more than just toner. Knowing when and what to order can be a challenge.

JetAdvice Manager provides all the information required for ordering supplies – when you need them – from your preferred supplier. We make it easy and there’s no special training or extra time involved to put you in control of your printer supplies.

Besides saving employee time and worries, there is also an economic benefit. By letting JetAdvice handle procurement of supplies and maintenance items you immediately reduce consumption and inventory, especially with respect to the toner. Many businesses replace a toner cartridge before it is totally empty – throwing away valuable pages. JetAdvice prevents that from happening by automatically ordering when you need it. No more tossing that asset in the garbage! This also keeps unnecessary supplies inventory out of your storage closet, saving you even more.

With many different printer models in the company, it is usually necessary to have a lot of different supplies in stock. We often talk to companies that have purchased large amounts of toner, maintenance kits, drums, and more just because they got a bargain. Without a supplies management system it is difficult to predict what will be needed, so it is quite common to build a stock of supplies that are never needed – wiping out that original savings. When printers are eventually replaced with newer models it leaves you with a stockpile of unwanted inventory.

Let JetAdvice manage your spending and save both time and money.

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