Assessment and Print Management

Environment and Economy

Monitor power consumption and do usage modeling to easily understand true costs.

Place devices for workflow efficiency..

  • Understand power consumption and CO2 emissions in your devices
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Know when to replace older devices
  • Determine where to place copiers vs. printers or MFDs
  • Place the right device in the right location for efficiency and cost savings
  • Manage costs – for power consumption and more

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The environment is really on the agenda today and many companies are looking for ways to cut their CO2 emissions.

Our experience is that companies often overlook their printers and copiers as a source of unnecessary emissions. Equipment is often left on – standing unnoticed at the office for many years. It is not only expensive economically, but also leads to unnecessarily high CO2 emissions. The truth is that printers and copiers are heavy consumers of electric power!

In the past, DPI-resolution and the number of printed pages per minute mattered when you had to choose the right printer. Today the focus is also on the environmental impact of using the printers and MFPs. JetAdvice Manager provides the right data to assist with economic decisions like when to replace older devices with new energy efficient models.

Getting a valid overview of company printing and copying needs is not a simple task and it can also change rapidly. Should the printer be placed closer to users, saving time in the hallways, or should you move pages to the copiers? To assess how the company’s printer fleet is used optimally to benefit the environment and economics is a complex task. JetAdvice Manager provides a valuable and comprehensive overview so that decisions can be made on a solid foundation.

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