Assessment and Print Management


Flexible maintenance alerts and error messaging.

Multiple filter capabilities adapt to your environment..

  • Extend the life of your devices
  • Reduce critical maintenance calls
  • Route calls efficiently
  • Schedule proactive maintenance
  • Control replacement costs
  • Log all error messages; eliminate lost history

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You knew it – another paper jam!  Should you call a technician or ask your colleagues?  If there have been many paper jams, does the device need service, and is this included in your service contract?  Is there an error code and what does it mean?

Many suppliers offer to maintain the printers before they break, but is that the reality of most contracts?  Often the we hear that it has not gone quite as well as promised.  But why not?  Frequently it is because the device error message was not passed to the right person.

Employees can potentially spend a lot of time on device maintenance that may not be in their area of expertise and that can cause a loss of productivity – but JetAdvice can help by keeping a watchful eye on many different device aspects.

A standard printer logs only a few errors, and then deletes the oldest. JetAdvice logs all errors that occur, so you can always go back in history and find information from a particular day. You can set up rules, which allows you to perform proactive maintenance.

As with all other technical equipment is economical to schedule maintenance before damage is done. This allows the printer to function longer and saves money and time.

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