Assessment and Print Management

Print analysis

Audit, assess, and analyze all monitored devices – networked and non-networked – automatically.

Deliver in minutes!

  • Accurate, comprehensive overviews of any print environment
  • Completely vendor-independent, robust database
  • Cost-effective, efficient, easy to use
  • Eliminate manual inventories, reduce errors
  • Find all your inventory, learn how devices are used
  • Scheduled and/or on-demand analysis

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We often find that companies do not know how many printers they own, where they are located, who uses them, or even how much – or little – they are used.

Many companies have conducted surveys and statistics in spreadsheets, which usually are obsolete before they are completed. While consuming large amounts of time in the company collecting this information, it is often still inadequate and inaccurate. By installing JetAdvice Manager the entire process becomes automated.

It’s quick to get started with the analysis of the company’s print and copy usage. Installation is simple and takes less than fifteen minutes to be up and running and getting the first look.

JetAdvice is vendor independent, which gives you great development opportunities. We have collected over 100 basic pieces of information on each of thousands of different printers and copiers from multiple vendors. This vast library provides the broadest picture of device consumption in the industry.

Basic information example:

  • Installation date
  • Device physical size
  • Device weight
  • Power consumption
  • Print language (PCL, PostScript, PDF, more)

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