JetAdvice Manager

Get the most out of JetAdvice Manager with our training programs..

Web-based training


For anyone using or administering the JetAdvice Manager product. A pre-requisite for Technical, Sales or Back Office Training sessions which includes the main feature sets of JetAdvice Manager.

Tech Training

For installers and support personnel with strong technical background.  The session covers the installation of JetAdvice Manager, account set-up, technology basics, data collection, and support.

Sales Training

For sales and sales support teams who need to understand or present JetAdvice Manager.  Explains the benefits of JetAdvice Manager, describes reporting options, and offers sales guidance.

Back Office Training

For back office teams, such as accounts receivable and purchasing, who use JetAdvice Manager  to perform their jobs.  Dives into the JetAdvice Manager master report.

Follow-up training

Occasionally you’ll want to take a closer look or get specialized training.  Content will be determined based on specific customer needs.

Onsite training

Full program: Introduction, Tech Training, Sales Training and Back Office Training

A full day intensive program of all aspects of the product required to get you up and running quickly.

New employee training

For new employees or those wishing a refresh of the JetAdvice Manager product.