JetAdvice Training Videos

Get the most out of JetAdvice Manager with the free training videos for end-users.

Training videos

  • Getting Started – Introduction
    A high level overview of the available features and options of JetAdvice.
  • Getting Started – HowTo Log In
    Understand what to do if you are experiencing difficulties logging into JetAdvice online.
  • Getting Started – HowTo Work Faster
    Covers some tips on how to increase your performance in the web application. Reducing the amount of printers displayed at once and updating your browser will help JetAdvice work faster for you!
  • Data Collector – Installation
    This video will explain and walk you through the steps of successfully installing the JetAdvice DataCollector.
  • Data Collector – Supported Operating Systems 
    Find out what Microsoft operating system are supported with the Data Collector.
  • Data Collector – What’s New in 2.0? 
    Shows off the new features of the latest version of the Data Collector! Languages, ability to Include/Exclude IP ranges, the ability to see all of your devices and troubleshooting.
  • Views – Introduction
    Provides an introduction of the many ways to see your printer usage information. What you want to know about your printer usages is available in the Views area.
  • Views – HowTo Use Custom View
    Creating a Custom View lets your decide what information to see and in what order to display it. Configure your custom view to have as little or as much information as possible.
  • Views – Total Count 
    Understand the different ways to account for calculating the Total Count.
  • Views – Total Copy Count  
    See the best way to create a custom report to capture your total copy count usage.
  • Views – A3 Counter Usage
    Learn where to see the more comprehensive counter information for A3 print usage.
  • Reporting – HowTo Create Reports
    Get updates about your printer fleet on a regular basis with the reporting feature. Schedule reports to be sent to your email in your preferred format; PDF, CSV, XML and Excel.
  • Grouping – HowTo Group Devices
    Devices can be associated to groups to allow easy tracking of specific devices. Using the filter option lets you quickly navigate to the devices you want by selecting the group you are interested in.
  • Grouping – HowTo Manage Groups
    Show and explain how to add and manage your groups. This is an excellent way to group devices based on teams they belong to or even different office locations.
  • Filtering – HowTo Use Filters
    An informative introduction of how Filters can be used. Filters are a great way to see specific information on devices you are most interested in.
  • Advice – Introduction
    Use the information in the Advice section to learn about your printing fleet and also save money! Find out how your device rate and see which ones require your attention first!