EuroForm Strategy

Below is stated EuroForm A/S Mission, Vision and strategy statements

Our Vision..

We want to be best in the world to ensure environment friendly, economical and efficient infrastructure solutions

Our Mission..

  • We focus only on solutions where we can make a difference

  • We make complex solutions simple and user friendly

  • We are committed to high quality, constant innovation and respect for the environment

  • We strive to exceed our customers expectations

Our Values..

  • We make innovation that matters to our customers

    We focus on our customers and their business needs by delivering competitive innovation that matters now and in the future. Our innovation provides high customer satisfaction and ensures customer retention.

  • We are responsive and agile

    We are responsive by providing a good experience to internal and external customers; showing that we care by paying attention and providing accurate and timely feedback. Being agile, we are flexible, giving us the ability to adapt and execute quickly to customer needs and the continually evolving market.

  • We do what we do best – and do it right

    We focus on the things we are best at in any given situation. This maximizes the output of our efforts. We always question if we are making the right solutions instead of executing customer requests or adapting to competitors’ solutions in the dark.

  • We work better and smarter together

    We fight as a team, combining our different skills and strengths, to deliver more than the sum of the individuals. This requires trust, respect, open communication and dependability. We work smart and collaborate to be as efficient as possible

  • We provide true value for all stakeholders

    We constantly ask ourselves if all stakeholders are being served by what we do. Our solutions shall always deliver true business value for our customers; and both employees and shareholders will be rewarded. Only this way, we can deliver a sustainable growing and profitable business with satisfied customers and employees.

Our Strategy..

  • Increase customer focus

  • Integrate into our customers business

  • Increase innovation in our core business

  • Continuous business model innovation through cloud computing

  • Simple and competitive cost structure

Call us..

Kim Niebling

Founder and CEO

Phone +45 2028 8338
Skype kimniebling