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How we protect your privacy and personal information.

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We protect information registered about you as a receiver of newsletters and e-mails and as a visitor of one of our websites.

Personal information

EuroForm A/S will not collect any information that may identify you personally, that is, for example name, address and phone number unless you have given us this information volun­tari­ly. Do not send us your personal information if you do not want us to receive and store them.

We will in no circumstances pass on your information to any third party.

You can always ask to have your personal data removed from our archives, either partially or fully, which is done either to unsubscribe at our website or by con­tact­ing

It can happen that someone may register on the site with another email address other than their own and that you thereby inadvertently receive e-mails from us. If that happens, you can always contact us and we will remove your email address.

All information is kept in our Danish member directory, which is administered by ourselves. Data can ONLY be accessed by EuroForm A/S.

Additional information is obtained automatically

In some cases, we automatically collect  (not via registration) technical information when you use the link we have made ??in our Newsletter/mail. This information can not be used to identify you.

EuroForm A/S takes the privacy policy seriously. If you have any experiences that you think we should know about, please contact us – you’re always welcome to contact Kim Niebling, Founder & CEO by email

We take reservations for any errors and changes to this Privacy Policy.


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